Morphology of Fleeting Structure

Morphology of Fleeting Structure is a story about fluid flow and crystal growth, two areas where nature really shows off. It is also about our physical connection with incredible patterns common throughout nature and a call-to-action, to protest social injustice and confront the disgraceful antiscoience movement. 


Fleeting Structure presents a compelling story of our shared intimate kinship with the world we inhabit through a 

seamless progression of spectacular images. This vital awareness heightens our identity and is accessible to all.


Atoms collectively self-organize into fractal branching networks at microscopic and grand scales in both the living and nonliving worlds! What’s going on?


Incredible ripple and wave patterns arise at the interface between different density fluids - air, water and sand. 

Ironically, in a world of increasing disorder, spectacular frost crystals emerge as precise geometric constructs that grow from the condensation of random water vapor molecules! How can this be?

The phenomenon of concave/convex optical illusions is another fascinating feature of many topographical images of ambiguous scale where our visual perception and decision-making processes are called into question. 


There is no substitute for detaching from the man-made world and roaming in the realization that we are evolving under the same physical guidelines that shape the planet. Wilderness is a place of belonging where we can find thrilling new ways of fitting into the whole shebang!

294 pages, 400 full color images

Available July 15, 2021

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Morphology of Fleeting Structure

Art & Science of Fluid Flow & Crystal Growth in the Living & Nonliving Worlds

An Appreciation of our Physical Connection with Nature in a Time of Waning Truth

Patrick Lysaght