Morphology of Fleeting Structure

Morphology of Fleeting Structure is a story about fluid flow and crystal growth, two areas where nature really shows off. It is also about our physical connection with incredible patterns common throughout nature and a call-to-action to protest social injustice and confront the disgraceful anti-science movement and restore truth in society. 


Fleeting Structure highlights our shared intimate kinship with the world we inhabit. Incredible ripple and wave patterns arise at the interface between different density fluids - air, water and sand. Atoms collectively self-organize into fractal branching networks at microscopic and grand scales in both the living and nonliving worlds. 


Spectacular frost crystals grow into precise geometric constructs from the condensation of random water vapor molecules! How can this be? 


The phenomenon of concave/convex optical illusions is another fascinating feature of many images that challenge our visual perception. 


We are evolving under the same guidelines that shape the planet. Wilderness is a place of belonging where we can find thrilling new ways of fitting into the whole shebang!

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294 pages, 304 full color stunning images

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Morphology of Fleeting Structure

Art & Science of Fluid Flow & Crystal Growth in the Living & Nonliving Worlds

An Appreciation of our Physical Connection with Nature in a Time of Waning Truth

Patrick Lysaght

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