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Morphology of Fleeting Structure
by Patrick Lysaght

Morphology of Fleeting Structure is a story about fluid flow and crystal growth, common throughout the living and nonliving worlds. It is also a call to restore truth to society.

Incredible wave patterns and fractal branching networks arise at the interface between different density fluids. Fractals are physical features that repeat as we zoom in and out. Tiny branches form on larger branches that also form on larger branches, and so on.


The interactive flow of air, water & sand sculpts countless variations of additive and subtractive plant-like patterns in sand. Efficiency sets boundary conditions for fluid flow. 

Fractal branching networks are streamlined. Nature is thrifty. She does more with less energy and avoids the needless. 

Life develops around fractal vascular networks established to efficiently transport nutrients and oxygen. An Aspen leaf gets the iron needed to produce chlorophyll, highlighting a fractal branching network evolved to service the entire leaf. Our lungs, blood vessels, circulatory, respiratory, neural, and renal systems are examples of fractal self-similarity.


Fractals form the backbones of frost crystals that sprawl out with awesome precision across my windshield in the mountains of New Mexico, easily seen without magnification.

Another wonder of the natural world hidden in plain sight!

The phenomenon of concave/convex optical illusions is highlighted as another fascinating feature that emerges at the interface between different density fluid systems rendering images that challenge our visual perception. 

Hard cover with dust jacket - signed

294 pages, 304 full color stunning images

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