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Next Sandbox Music Presentation TBD
Free Jazz @ Entropy - Thursday, February 15, 7-10pm
See how sound takes shape. Meet the players in a cool, intimate setting. 

out for free as musical dialogues emerge and evolve.


Consider Your Relationship With The Fluid Quartz Crystals & Static Frost Crystals Above

The fluid flow of air, water and sand sculpts countless variations of raised fractal branching patterns that add to the surface as water erosion subtracts. Fractals are physical features that repeat as we zoom in and out. Tiny branches form on larger branches that also form on larger branches, and so on. Fractal branching networks are streamlined. Nature is thrifty. She does more with less energy and avoids the needless. Life develops around fractal vascular networks established to efficiently transport nutrients and oxygen. Our lungs, blood vessels, circulatory, respiratory, neural, and renal systems are biological examples of fractal self-similarityFractals form the backbones of frost crystals that sprawl out with awesome precision across my windshield in the mountains of New Mexico. Frost is not frozen dew. It occurs when random water vapor molecules condense directly into solid ice, easily seen without magnification! Another wonder of the natural world hidden in plain sight!

Nature does what’s easy. As things change, there are many more ways to be disordered than ordered, so things tend toward disorder or increasing entropy. Entropy is a measure of randomness and disorder. We live in a world where everything deteriorates and brakes down, yet beautiful structures do spontaneously emerge! I try to capture such lyrical portraits of entropy as exquisite structure spontaneously emerges amid increasing randomness and disorder. 

Enjoy the site. - Patrick Lysaght  
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