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Above Images - Static Frost Crystals & Fluid Quartz Crystals

Although we live in a world of increasing entropy, patterns are common throughout nature, often hidden in plain sight. Fractals are physical features that repeat as we zoom in and out. They form the ravines of hillside erosion and the backbones of geometrically precise frost crystals that spontaneously self-assemble from random water vapor molecules, easily seen without magnification. And life develops around fractal vascular networks established to efficiently transport nutrients and oxygen to every cell. Fractals are frugal. Nature does more with less and avoids the needless. Our lungs, blood vessels, circulatory, respiratory, neural, and renal systems are examples of biological self-similarity. Lysaght captures lyrical portraits of entropy, the paradox of exquisite structure spontaneously emerging amid increasing randomness and disorder.

44 minute Artist Presentation - SciArt Santa Fe
This is what the talk is all about - Fleeting Structure featuring Noir Poetry & Mirror Symmetry 

Gladly Open by Appointment 512.364.3600
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