Patrick Lysaght

I’m interested in how structure forms and evolves in nature, where it is common and spectacular. My structural nature photography derives from explorations in the wilderness that vividly transport features of continuity through time. The phenomenon of concave/convex optical illusion is a delightful component of many of my 3D sand sculpture photographs.

Experimentation has been a hallmark of my life and I developed techniques for expressing myself nonverbally; as a musician, painter, wood and stone carver, and photographer. As Program Manager for Physical Characterization of novel nanoelectronic devices at SEMATECH, the global consortium of leading semiconductor manufacturers, I routinely used synchrotrons to probe the atomic structure of hybrid materials. This extraordinary view into the foundations of order illustrated how creativity is fundamental to both art and science.

I taught acoustics at the College of Santa Fe, physics at the University of New Mexico and served on the New Mexico Arts Division funding panels for Music, Artist in Residence, and Interdisciplinary Projects.